PhD offers

The Laboratoire des 2 Infinis – Toulouse (L2IT) is inviting applications for a PhD position in gravitational wave cosmology. The successful candidate must have completed a Master degree in physics or equivalent by the starting date in the Fall 2023. Further information, including instructions on how to to apply, are available at the following link:

Deadline to apply: 16 March 2023.

A brief description of the L2IT and its gravitational wave group can be found here below.

If you have any questions please contact Nicola Tamanini ( or Sylvain Marsat (

L2IT is a new laboratory established in 2020 in Toulouse, France, with the objective to pursue fundamental research with innovative numerical and theoretical approaches. The research of the laboratory is focused on particle physics, gravitational waves and the nuclear matter equation of state, and it is supported by a complementary development of data analysis and data science methodologies.
The gravitational wave group at L2IT conducts research on both theoretical and experimental aspects of gravitational wave science, with a distinct focus at exploiting new ideas connecting theory with observations through data analysis and numerical simulations. The group is part of the LISA Consortium, of the Virgo Collaboration and of the Einstein Telescope Consortium. It currently counts three permanent members, Christelle Buy, Sylvain Marsat and Nicola Tamanini, plus several postdocs and students, and it works in close collaboration with computing research engineers at L2IT.